We happily consult on a range of projects, especially if they are unusual, challenging, and require innovation or re-invention ~ and offer us the opportunity to collaborate with interesting people who want to do good work. Elena Park is an Artistic Consultant for the Kennedy Center, working on programming strategy for the JFK Centennial and beyond. 

While working with the NGO Cambodian Living Arts, she helped to conceive Season of Cambodia (SOC), an ambitious, multi-disciplinary festival in Spring 2013 showcasing Cambodian arts and culture in partnership with 34 NYC venues, from artist residencies to performances and exhibitions.

SOC talk 2.jpg

Season of Cambodia garnered major philanthropic and audience support, bringing 125 master and emerging artists from Cambodia. (Above: New School panel with SOC CEO Phloeun Prim, Board Chair John Burt & Elena Park.)


In February 2016, we served as Consulting HD Producer for Kanye West's Adidas YEEZY show (above) ~ the first time a fashion launch was shared live via satellite with a global audience. The NYC event was broadcast in real time to North America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Australia, with Kanye fans across nine time zones joining celebrities such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Anna Wintour, who gathered in a raw space at Clarkson Square.


Though she actively avoids committees, Elena is pleased (proud, even) to be on the Strategy Committee of the PROTOTYPE festival since its inception in 2013 and the Artistic Advisory Committee of On Site Opera; she serves as Advisory Board Chair of the National Sawdust in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.